Vegan Fresh #17

If you like sleazy rock, alternative pop, lo-fi hip-hop, future soul, garage rock, art-rock, dreamy electro-pop and sumptous indie pop then this week’s Vegan Fresh is for you. If you don’t, what the hell is wrong with you man? Get listening…

Zooni – Pany

If there’s something we love about a new band, that’s a little bit of mystery. Newcomers Zooni have just released their debut single Pany, but there’s already so much happening around the band, including a slot at this year’s The Great Escape, a deal with Square Leg Records, and some impressively planned aesthetics around their music. They describe themselves as “an art pop band from Brighton’, but their mix of powerful yet fragile poetic lyrics, hypnotic beats and angular guitars bring so much more to the table. Don’t miss out on one of the most interesting and daring names to come out of the Brighton scene, and give Pany a listen if you’re in the mood for some beautifully-crafted alternative indie.

You can find Zooni on Facebook here

Sapphire Blues – ‘These Streets’

We first became aware of Bristol three-piece Sapphire Blues with their electrifying debut single ‘Nowhere Fast’. Its follow-up, ‘These Streets’, continues the bands atmospheric and sleaze-ridden rock and roll beautifully. Featuring wonderfully snarly commentary such as “I don’t know where Britain’s going, but it’s not here”, the band have outed themselves as a voice for their generation. With a gig to come on April 13th at Bristol’s legendary venue The Louisiana, the future is looking very bright for Sapphire Blues.

You can find Sapphire Blues on Facebook here.

Jimi Somewhere – ‘Blue Skies’

Jimi Somewhere’s PONYBOY EP is one of the finest EP’s of the year so far. Dizzyingly modern, and wonderfully immersed in pop, it’s up their with the same artists its inspired by. The best track on the record, ‘Blue Skies’, hits pop perfection. Featuring an early vocal that is reminiscent of Rex Orange County and then evolving into an R&B meets pop behemoth with production values Frank Ocean would be proud of, it’s an emotional, gut-wrenching number that mesmerically wears its heart on its chest.

You can find Jimi Somewhere on Facebook here.

 Fierce Friend – ‘The Great Elephant’

 Psychedelic indie pop outfit Fierce Friend have followed their 2018 LP Lies That Comfort You with arguably their best track yet. ‘The Great Elephant’ is a pop delight; featuring euphoria-drenched guitar lines, a mesmeric – bordering on the iconic – melodic keyboard beat and sun-tinged vocals handcrafted for sunnier times. Then again, what more could you expect from a band made up of members from Electric Soft Parade, Brakes and The Upper Room? ‘The Great Elephant’ is, quite simply, sublime.

You can find Fierce Friend on Facebook here.

 Arlo Parks – ‘I Like’

A member of our Class of 2019, prodigious talent Arlo Parks has finally released her debut EP Super Sad Generation. Featuring her two brilliant singles, the best of the lot comes from ‘I Like’. The EP closer is characteristic of what we’ve heard from the spoken word meets hip-hop artist before: vibey and atmospheric, with a witty underlayer and an incredibly wavey backdrop. If Arlo Parks isn’t one of the biggest artists in the country by the end of the year, we’ll be very surprised.

You can find Arlo Parks on Facebook here. 

Yakul ft. Charlie Stacey – ‘Daydreaming’  

We’ve been a big fan of “Future Soul” quartet Yakul for a long time now, having caught their honey sweet live sets as well as their beautiful slices of soul on record. Their latest, ‘Daydreaming’, is a bombastic cut of neo-soul that showcases frontman James Berkeley’s awesome vocal talent, as well as exhibiting the band’s knack for a brilliant soul crescendo that always feels intrinsic and never messy. One of the best jazz meets soul outfits outside of London, it won’t be long before Yakul will be a giant in the genre.

You can find Yakul on Facebook here.

Currls – ‘Let Down’

Following on from their brilliant debut single ‘April Fool’, Brighton trio have returned with ‘Let Down’. A pulsating and gritty slice of rock and roll, which truly showcases each members talents to perfection, it’s knack for brilliant melody is what makes it stand out. An earworm if ever we did hear one, its immense chorus will be with you long after you’ve clicked play. Sounding like early Gossip meets the glam-rock stomp of T-Rex, it’s surprising just how fresh the band have managed to make the track feel.

You can find Currls on Facebook here.

WOOZE – ‘Cousin Paul From Paddington’


At this point in time, we’re simply scratching our heads as to why WOOZE aren’t the biggest band on the planet right now. Not only is ‘Cousin Paul From Paddington’ the best song title in a long time, but it’s also another brilliant entry into the WOOZE ouevre. Mixing together another DEVO meets The B-52’s guitar line, it once again impresses in its extended breakdown which inspires bouncing basslines and an erratic vocal delivery. There’s simply nothing more to say about WOOZE, except that they sound like their creating an entirely new scene on their own. Totally fantastic.

You can find WOOZE on Facebook here.

Saltwater Sun – ‘The Great Deceiver’

Reading quintet Saltwater Sun had a brilliant 2018, releasing the likes of ‘The Wire’ and ‘Hot Mess’ as well as playing rapturous shows across the country. By the looks of it, it looks like the five-piece show no signs of letting up either with the arrival of ‘The Great Deceiver’. A simply wonderful indie rock number that reminds us of the carefree nature of the likes of The Big Moon as well as the swagger and confidence of some of Britpop’s finest (Blur, in particular, spring to mind immediately), it’s another instant classic from one of the hottest bands in the country right now.

You can find Saltwater Sun on Facebook here.

Fruity Water – ‘The Grove’


Fruity Water’s debut album Thirst Takes went criminally under the radar when it was released last year, but it was one of our favourite records of the year here at Vegan Recordings. Thankfully they haven’t wasted any time in following it up and we’ve been blessed with a new single titled ‘The Grove’. A woozy, atmospheric delight, that showcases a darker side to the band than we’ve seen before, it still, impressively, exhibits the bands immense knack for a brilliantly catchy chorus.

You can find Fruity Water on Facebook here. 

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