Vegan Fresh #16

Ted Kennedy – ‘Forty’

Anyone who has Kanye West and Radiohead in their “Artists We Like” section on Facebook is fine by us, and, luckily, Ted Kennedy’s latest single ‘Forty’ is a glorious slice of pop magic. Written when a close friend relapsed after many years of struggling with opioid addiction, the line “I don’t want to watch you die” is not only incredibly powerful, but also hauntingly memorable. With a shimmering pop sheen, overlaying very serious subject matter, ‘Forty’ has got it all.

You can find Ted Kennedy on Facebook here.

Yes We Mystic – ‘Young Evil’  

Born from “Delicate melodies, contemplative grooves, and pummelling frenzy”, Winnipeg outfit Yes We Mystic’s latest single ‘Young Evil’ is an electro pop explosion of brilliant ideas. The second single from their new album Ten Seated Figures, it’s a myriad of vocal loops, octavized trumpets and pitch-shifted keyboard choirs which creates a devastating cacophonous result that is both exotic and unique.

You can find Yes We Mystic on Facebook here.

Bdrmm – ‘Heaven’

 Having featured their brilliant single ‘C:U’ in Vegan Fresh #6, we’re huge fans of Hull quintet Bdrmm. Their latest cut, ‘Heaven’, follows up the shoegazey ideas of ‘C:U’, but this time with a glistening alt-pop sheen. Featuring a beautifully sunny synth-line, alongside gloomy post-punk vocals, it’s another winner from the best thing to come out of Hull since the Housemartines/the City of Culture win/the Humber Bridge (delete as applicable).

You can find Bdrmm on Facebook here.


 J-E-T-S, the collaborative project of producers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar, have burst onto our radar with their latest collab ‘POTIONS’. A beautiful burst of electronic pop that sounds like Outkast if they met in the techno scene in Berlin. Aggressive and full-frontal, with enough energy to keep even the most attention deficient interested, it’s one of the finest singles of the year. Fresh, inventive, and a whole load of fun, we can’t wait to hear more from this incredibly exciting collaboration.

You can find J-E-T-S on Facebook here.

Charlotte Haywood – ‘Nature’

 Over the last few years, Brighton has become the place to be for everything soul related with the likes of Chloe Bodur, Alfie Neale and Scarlett Fae all bringing something beautiful to the seaside city. The latest in the impressive line is Charlotte Haywood who has arrived with her debut single ‘Nature’. A smooth-sailing delight, with sumptous vocals from Haywood, it’s a gorgeous invitation into the beautifully soulful world of Charlotte Haywood. We already can’t wait to hear more from the talented artist.

You can find Charlotte Haywood on Facebook here.

 Benva Doll – ‘Where it Begins’

 Steeped in mystery so far, all we’ve seen from Benva Doll is videos of crowds going mental for his punk meets hip-hop aesthetic. So when his debut single ‘Where it Begins’ opens with punchy, corrugated guitar lines with the artist regurgiatating lo-fi vocals over the top of it it’s a wonderful shock to the system. With mesmeric, almost hypnotising production simmering at the backdrop, too, it’s a very impressive debut single from the artist which shows his technical nouse for euphoric escalation.

MarthaGunn – ‘Saint Cecilia’

It’s been a while since we heard from Brighton quintet MarthaGunn, but boy was their return worth the wait. ‘Saint Cecilia’, their new single out on Communion Music, is a glistening pop delight. A simmering, brooding and escalating masterpiece, that builds atmospheric drama with ease and focuses on the beautifully glossy tones of lead singer Abi Woodman, it’s an instant classic that instantly reminds us why we fell in love with the band in the first place. With an album surely on the horizon soon, it’s certainly exciting times for MarthaGunn in 2019.

You can find MarthaGunn on Facebook here. 

Suzi Island – ‘The Real Life’

Despite still being in their relative infancy as a band, Suzi Island have accomplished some huge feats as a band so far. Having had their music played on BBC Sport’s coverage of the World Cup, as well as on Pro Evolution Soccer, their latest single ‘The Real Life’ proves exactly why they’re held in such esteem. A brilliant indie pop song, with an addictive synthline and a mesmeric rhythm section, it’s clear to see that Suzi Island are destined for the upper echelons of indie pop – and ‘The Real Life’, written about the struggles of after university life, is another step on that grand journey.

You can find Suzi Island on Facebook here.

Rory J Brown – ‘Art & Love’

After 2018’s ‘Scent’, Rory J Brown has returned with the equally excellent ‘Art & Love’. Again enlisting fellow Vegan Recordings favourite Scarlett Fae as a collaborater, it’s another sultry soul jam with bubbling production values and gorgeous vocals from Fae. Simply oozing confidence with every glamourous tone and simmering beat, this is a collaboration that is clearly working on every singular level. ‘Art & Love’ is simply gorgeous.

George Baines – ‘Off Key’  

So far, George Baines’ Something Deeper EP is our biggest surprise of the year. A melancholia seeped dream that reminds us of everyone from Father John Misty to Yellow Days, it’s an utter delight from start to finish. Its crowning glory, opening number ‘Off Key’, is a lackadaisacal treat, both setting the tone for the EP and showcasing Baines’ talent for story-driven songwriting.

You can find George Baines on Facebook here.

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