Vegan Fresh #15

We understand that Foals, Sigrid and Dave have all just released album of the year contenders, but you’ve also got to support the little guy. To help, here’s some of the finest songs from the best up and coming bands on the planet. From glistening folk, to art-rock, all the way to provocative pop, we’ve got you covered.

WOOZE – ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’  

Arguably one of the most inventive bands on the planet right now, we’ve been fans of London’s WOOZE since their debut single ‘Hello Can You Go’ back in 2018. Having interviewed the band last year, too, we’re massively excited that they’ve returned with the thrilling ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’. A genre bending blast, brimming with pulsating guitar riffs and dynamic drum rhythms, it’s another DEVO-esque smash from the brilliant duo. Another dizzying affair, WOOZE are more than living up to the hype they set last year.

You can find WOOZE on Facebook here.

L.A. Peach – ‘Sudden Love Affair’

We’ve come to know L.A. Peach for his hilarious on-stage chatter and his musical journeys into melancholia. His latest cut, ‘Sudden Love Affair’, is another solemn number that takes as much influence from folky beats as it does smooth Americana. Instantly fitting into the 4AD crowd, and reminding us of a certain Father John Misty, it’s a beautifully forlorn song that swirls intensely around your brain way beyond its three minute forty runtime.

You can find L.A. Peach on Facebook here.

Stranger Girl – ‘Wasting’

 Brighton’s Stranger Girl have been on our radar since their brilliant 2017 single ‘Thinking Down’. Now, after over a year out, they’ve returned the buoyant ‘Wasting’, instantly exhibiting that the time has been kind to the quartet. A jangly burst of indie rock that reminds us of The Strokes stuttering indie gems, it’s boosted by lead singer Melissa Douglas’ wonderfully broody vocals. ‘Wasting’ was more than worth the long wait, and perches Stranger Girl as a shimmering one to watch.

You can find Stranger Girl on Facebook here.

Talk Show – ‘Fast and Loud’

Having made a name for themselves on the London touring circuit with their thrilling live show, the anticipation was huge for Talk Show’s debut single – and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Aptly titled ‘Fast and Loud’, it’s a raucous intake of sheer energy that is reminiscent of everyone from The Subways to early Arctic Monkeys. A frenetic and energetic explosion of sheer frenzied indie, it’s no surprise Felix White’s YALA! Records (home to FEET and The Magic Gang) have snapped them up.

You can find Talk Show on Facebook here.

Porteau – ‘Penelope’

Vancouver duo Porteau blew us away with their debut single ‘River Song’. A soaring, swooning delight, they’ve proved it was no fluke with its follow-up ‘Penelope’. Another beautiful track, that showcases Victoria Williams’ gloriously glimmering vocals with a bustling drumbeat behind, it once again reminds us of the folky goodness that came from the likes of Kacey Musgraves and First Aid Kit. Another dose of euphoria from the glistening duo, we already can’t wait to hear more.

You can find Porteau on Facebook here.

Hobby Club – ‘Bedroom’

Already signed to Heist or Hit, things have heated up for London jangly pop duo Hobby Club since we last featured their brilliant debut single ‘For Maurice’. Now, they’ve released their debut EP Video Days, an exotic pop mixtape that centres around splendid pop sheen. The best of the lot is lead single ‘Bedroom’, which is a radiant display of dreampop that sees Beth Truscott crooning like a certain Smiths frontman. A band who seemingly came out of nowhere, Hobby Club are looking more and more likely of becoming the breakout band of 2019.

You can find Hobby Club on Facebook here.

Penelope Isles – ‘Chlorine’

After a few years of gigging relentlessly and truly making a name for themselves on the touring circuit, it’s finally looking like the whole of the mainstream media is about to take Penelope Isles to their hearts. Signed to Bella Union, and just about to head of to SXSW, they’ve finally released the debut track of their debut record Until the Tide Creeps In. Titled ‘Chlorine’, it’s a hypnotic and transfixing beauty that swirls and chimes beautifully throughout. Reminding us a touch of Radiohead, Penelope Isles are more than worthy of all the hype they are receiving at the moment.

You can find Penelope Isles on Facebook here.

CC Honeymoon – ‘Love is Free’

Writing, recording and performing alone, Asher Kid, better known as CC Honeymoon, is the definitive definition of a solo star. His third single, ‘Love is Free’, continue his excellent streak at creafting beautifully decadent brooding pop with a touch of art-rock elegance. Exploring themes of sexuality, it’s an incredibly well-polished pop track that further exhibits Kid’s hauntingly despondent vocals. A song that is near impossible to escape from your mind, it’s another classic from the provocative world of CC Honeymoon.

You can find CC Honeymoon on Facebook here.

Cousin Kula – ‘Brain Abroad’ 

A member of our Class of 2019, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the next single from Bristol outfit Cousin Kula and it’s finally here. Another beautiful slice of psych pop that melts into the ears, it picks up where previous single ‘Jelly Love’ left off. A lackadaisical cut that slowly, but surely, finds its groove at the halfway point, its most impressive aspect comes from lead singer Elliot Ellison’s jerking, yet atmospheric vocal take that gives the track a oozing sense of ambience. Another delightful, and unique, number from the Bristol band, they’ve proved they’re more than worthy of entering our ones to watch list.

You can find Cousin Kula on Facebook here.

Dantevilles – ‘Bloomin’ Flowers’

If there’s one thing Manchester quartet Dantevilles have it’s a knack for a wonderful hook. Their latest single ‘Bloomin’ Flowers’ proves that in bundles, as it twists and turns with its vibrating riffs and art-rock aesthetic. Frontman Jamie Gallagher’s vocals, in particular, are a gorgeous fusion of arrogant Manchester swagger and brooding New Romantic pop. A gorgeous burst of energy, it’s another winner from the insatiable four-piece.

You can find Dantevilles on Facebook here 

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