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Italian outfit Weird Bloom is a unique proposition to say the least. Combining the worlds of psych, folk and pop seamlessly to create something truly original, and incredibly weird, Luca, the solo artist behind Weird Bloom, has just released a collaborative EP with Dizzyride, the transatlantic duo consisting of Nico & Zoe. Titled The Flying Pan Club, it’s a sonic journey through the minds of some of the most exciting artists in the world right now. We sat down to speak to Weird Bloom about the EP, translating their sound to the live sphere, and their too much information hangover answer.

You’ve just released The Flying Pan Club EP, a collaboration with freakbeat group Dizzyride. How did the collaboration come about?

Nico: We met at SXSW in Austin in 2017 and immediately fell in love. Since then I’ve been making things, dealing and talking to Luca more than my own mother.

Luca: When I first saw Nico I told myself something like ‘oh here comes another hipster’ then we started talking and I discovered he was too old and too rude to be a real Hipster.

It’s a sonic journey through the weird worlds of psych meets folk that reminds us of everyone from T-Rex, to Wax Machine and The Beatles at their most trippy. What were your influences going into the project and what were you trying to achieve?

Nico: Even though our bands explore different spectrums of psychedelia we have similar taste and I bet I can blind test you on who’s singing what if we really try. Our voices can sound very similar as well – Zoe’s too! All the bands you mentioned are definitely a big influence, as well as everyon from Floh de Cologne to Mamman Sani. We don’t really try to sound like any other acts. The way we all write in this context is very natural withoutthinking much. Specifically for this Ep we had a blank canvas and only a few days to sketch it develop it and produce it. A lot of it is pure improvisation like the opening of the record for instance.

You’ve just played London’s Hoxton Bar, and you’ve got a show coming up in Rome. How does Weird Bloom translate to the live sphere? How are you playing The Flying Pan Club without Dizzyride?

Nico: Good question. Luca, are you going to? Anyway I can reveal in advance that from the ashes of The Flying Pan Club, Luca and I started a new music project called Celesta which will come out sometime soon. Maybe we’ll play some of these songs live. Great idea!

Luca: Weird Bloom live is freaky. There’s not a precise idea behind. I do usually stage-dive, dance and play with audience. I also give my guitar to some guy in the crowd to let him play Moontrees (which is the last song) while I dance. Don’t know if I’ve answered your question but Albums and Live performances are different and hard to be compared. Some songs are very similar to the LP and some others are different. I’m not playing ‘The Flying Pan Club’ at all even though I should. To be honest we began recording without thinking one day we’d play those songs. There’re too many layers and insane improvisations that would really be impossible to perform them properly. I’d rather look at this EP as an experiment and if I had to play it I would play them with Nico and Zoe.

What are the main difference between playing a show in your native Italy and playing elsewhere?

Nico: Is Weird Bloom performing at Elsewhere in Brooklyn? If so, when do you think you are gonna tell me, Lu?

Luca: Surprise! I don’t really find significant differences. Weirdos are the same all over the world and well, my few fans are insane people wherever I go.

There seems to be a psych revolution happening at the moment, with the likes of Pond, Tame Impala and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard all becoming genuine worldbeaters. What do you make of the state of the genre? What are you listening to at the moment?

Nico: All new artists I like pretty much have soul in their music. From Psych-Rock to RnB, it kinda has to be soulful for me to like it. I love the whole Brooklyn’s Big Crown Records catalog. The new Mockassin is pure gold. I DJ and have a radio show so I listen to a lot of music all the time. Primarily oldies. DooWop, Funk, Soul etc.

Luca: these bands you’ve mentioned are the pillars of the modern psychedelia and of course I love their production and the Australian scene overall. I’m always digging for some new music and recently I’ve found this outstanding artist called Kikagaku Mojo and I’m addicted to his album. I’ve been also listening to The Lennon Claypool Delirium, Juan Wauters, Nico LaOnda and a lot of psychedelic cumbia.

Finally, what’s your hangover cure?

 Nico: I’m an expert haha. Kombucha! Sex? Shower! Power Nap! Coffee! And I’m ready to go!

Luca: Television for 12/13 hours or other beers (if you’re not at home)

You can find Weird Bloom on Facebook here.


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