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If you like dreamy and exotic indie pop, then Brighton’s RALPH TV have got you covered. From their brilliant debut eponymous EP, to their latest single ‘Making Movements’ which has seen them do just that, they’ve emerged as one of the freshest bands for a long time. We spoke to the band about the inception of their new single, what the rest of 2019 has in store for the band, and whether or not they’ve truly felt like a ‘proper’ band yet. 

You’ve just dropped your brand-new single, ‘Making Movements’, a track we described as “a brooding cut of electric indie pop that certainly exhibits Homeshake vibes”. How did the song come about?

Last year I (Ozzy) went to watch Mild High Club in London. It was amazing and really energized me creatively, as soon as I arrived back in Brighton, I went straight home and started laying down ideas. Ben and I refined those ideas at his flat a couple of weeks later and then finally we went to Brighton Electric to lay down the drums with Isaac and our good friend and engineer Tom Bacon. I’d had the lyrics floating around for a little while longer, it’s always been our process to focus on creating the grooves first and then see what fits over it with the vocals.

It’s come a little while after the release of your debut eponymous EP, which was streamed over a million times. Why the wait and did you feel any pressure to follow it up?

We’ve just been writing and cracking on with Uni stuff really, we figured there’s no real rush. None of us ever expected the first EP to get such a warm response online, and I’m sure neither did our label considering it was the first record they put out! I don’t think we’ve ever felt pressure about the follow up, we have a lot of confidence in the material we’ve been writing. If anything the success of the first EP has just given us more confidence in ourselves as songwriters.

Much like the EP, you self-produced ‘Making Movements’. What was the decision behind this? And how does that effect the recording process?

It’s always been how we work. Ben studies production at BIMM and his magic touch is so key to the Ralph sound. It’s also convenient as it keeps costs down. We write and record everything apart from drums at home. There’s less stress at home and no time constraints which I think comes across in the tracks.

From being threatened with legal action, to being signed by Nice Guys, and racking up the streams on Spotify, you’ve already been there and done that in the industry, but what was the first moment where you truly felt like a ‘proper’ band?

I’m not sure if we have had that moment yet or not, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I think for all of us we just want to be more present on the gig circuit and on the UK scene in general. For a young band we have made quite a lot of international fans online but we’re still comparatively unknown in our home country. To get to the point where we are touring around the UK would be the next step for us and probably be the moment we feel like a ‘proper’ band.

You’ve just launched the single at Brighton’s Latest Music Bar and the last time we caught you was supporting LOYAL at Patterns. How do hometown shows contrast with playing elsewhere?

A gig in Brighton is very different to the rest. You obviously have a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and that brings with it a different atmosphere. So far they are the only shows where we have been asked for an encore, and up until now we haven’t had enough songs to fulfil those requests. It’s a pleasure to be part of the Brighton scene, we love living here.

What does the rest of 2019 entail for RALPH TV? Could we see the early ideas of a debut album?

We will be hopefully playing a few festivals over the summer and yes we will be getting to work on laying the foundations for LP1. There will be more music released this year fingers crossed.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Me and Isaac listen to a lot of Steely Dan records together at home. Homehsake’s new album dropped last month so have had that on repeat for a couple weeks. Also have been getting back into Drugdealer ahead of his new album dropping next month. Lots of great new music coming in 2019!

Finally, what’s your hangover cure?

In the winter, hash browns and unholy amounts of OJ. In the summer, a refreshing dip in the sea.

You can find RALPH TV on Facebook here.

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