Talk Show Host: Farebrother

In just three brilliant singles – ‘Rewind’, ‘A Little Late’ and ‘I’d Be the Worst’ – South West band Farebrother have announced themselves as one of the most exciting indie bands in the country right now. Having supported the likes of indie royalty The Amazons, Anteros, and Baby Strange, they look like they have all the ingredients to go onto to join the indie pop elite. ‘I’d Be the Worst’, in particular, is a grooving delight; fusing Foals-esque math-rock riffs alongside frontman Tom Hunt’s electric vocals. They’ve just released a video for the track, ahead of an exciting headline slot at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club so we decided to catch up with the band.

All three of your singles so far have been electrifying cuts of indie that throwback to the heady days of mid-noughties indie, as much as it does sensational eighties pop. Who would you say were you key influences

That’s interesting that you say that, as a band we aren’t overly influenced by noughties indie or 80’s pop. The latter being something that should’ve stayed in its decade. But by not having a major influence with something like noughties indie, it was something quite exciting to explore with the latest single.

You’ve played some killer support slots for the likes of The Amazons and Anteros, as well as some fantastic headline shows of your own. Which shows stand out as the best?

We played dot to dot festival at SWX, that show was great, we were on early so didn’t expect many people to come, but never the less the room was at capacity by the time we went on stage.

You’ve just released your video for ‘I’d Be Your Worst’. As an unsigned band, what are the struggles of getting a video together?

Yeah it is a lot of work and very time consuming, trying to paint the image we had in our heads with a minimal budget is always testing. The process usually starts with letting our imaginations run wild, bouncing from one unattainable idea to the next. Then we have to work down from there to something we can feasibly busk out. “Winging it”, “Pulling a shift” and “Needs more gaffa tape” are all top phrases you’d expect to hear on any of our makeshift film sets. Forever and always, big shout out to our main man behind the lens Tom Forsey (@tomforseyfilms) he works miracles.

What has the rest of 2019 got in store for you?

We have a lot of music to come out, which we can’t wait for people to hear. We also have a lot of shows that are yet to be announced! Stadium tour booked for the summer, nice intimate shows you know.

You’re from the Somerset; what’s the local scene like?

Although Bath isn’t necessarily known for producing band after band, There is a lot of talent in the local scene at the moment – Some of our favourite local bands are – Gum Soul , Kalpa and Voyages.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Michael : Room On Fire – The Strokes

Matt day : Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Tom hunt : Murray St – Sonic Youth

Owen : Songs From The Big Chair – Tears For Fears

Finally, what’s your hangover cure?

Tactical Chunder followed swiftly by Bread ‘n’ Butter, two paracetamol and a pint of berocca.

You can take a look at the Farebrother’s brand-new video for ‘I’d Be the Worst’ below:

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