Vegan Fresh #13

Just because the sun came out doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to stay inside and listen to music. You do you, and we’ll provide you with the perfect playlist. This week we’ve got grooving electronica, wicked lo-fi pop, brilliant debut singles, and everything in between. Enjoy, and remember to wear suncream. Continue reading “Vegan Fresh #13”

Vegan Fresh #12

Featuring two bands that we’ve previously interviewed, as well as a member of our Class of 2019, this week’s Vegan Fresh is brimming with brilliant debut records, ten minute bangers, and some summery beats that will instantly make you feel warmer. Go on, whack in your headphones and enjoy some incredible music. Continue reading “Vegan Fresh #12”

Vegan Fresh #11

We’re finally into February and things are already starting to heat up in the music world. We’re all about the under-the-rader, up-and-coming stuff here at Vegan Recordings, so we’ve handpicked the best new music from around the world. On the agenda this week is Scandanavian pop and trap, South East hip-hop and some brilliant electronic pop. Continue reading “Vegan Fresh #11”

Vegan Fresh #9

We’re professionals here at Vegan Recordings so despite the fact James Blake has released one of the finest albums of modern times and we’ve listened to it multiple times already, we’ve still found time to scour the wider web for the best new music. Almost accidentally a pop special, this weeks Vegan Fresh is a blast of adventurous and experimental pop numbers from the world over. From New Zealand, to Canda and beyond, it’s an international special. Enjoy! Continue reading “Vegan Fresh #9”