Talk Show Host: Vinyl Staircase

Dorking’s Vinyl Staircase have had a hell of a year. From opening the prestigious Lewes Psychedelic Festival in January, to releasing their debut EP to critical acclaim, and playing across the country. Now, they seem to be finishing the year as they started it with an exciting London show lined up at The Lexington, a support slot with Annabel Allum, and, the best of the lot, a brand new single ‘Feel It’. We spoke to the band about the new single, their love for Ringo Starr, and we found out the tragic story of Dorking’s albino squirrel. RIP, fella.  Continue reading “Talk Show Host: Vinyl Staircase”

Talk Show Host: Mia Milla

Mia Milla has been an artist that we’ve been very excited about since she dropped her debut single, ‘Breathe’, back in June. With a beautiful voice, and raw talent, she then followed it up with the equally exceptional ‘Mother’. Now, she’s back with ‘The Way You Roll’ a beautifully laidback, soul-indebted track that focuses on the beauty in Milla’s voice. We spoke to her about ‘The Way You Roll’, her influences, and what she’s got planned for the rest of the year. Continue reading “Talk Show Host: Mia Milla”

Talk Show Host: WOOZE

Since the recent release of their debut single, ‘Hello Can You Go’, we knew something was up with WOOZE. A sound so unique and distinctive, visuals so flashy and extravagant, and a whole lot of character. The Brixton/Korean duo are definitely not your ordinary emerging indie act. In occasion of the release of their second single ‘Party Without Ya’, we hit the band with some questions about life as one of the most exciting acts in the game, matching with their video director on Tinder, and their take on the best way to recover from a wild night out.  Continue reading “Talk Show Host: WOOZE”

Talk Show Host: Free Money

London band Free Money instantly piqued our interest here at Vegan Recordings when they returned with a press release stating “Welcome to the Bank of Free Money”. Poor, and a sucker for freebies, we were immediately hooked. Since then, they’ve dropped their latest single, ‘U Got Me’ – a glorious slice of euphoric indie rock – as well as allowing their fans to WhatsApp them to find out more about their “services”. They’re an intriguing prospect, as well as a fantastic indie band, so we asked them about everything from banks and free gifts, to influences and our classic hangover cure enquiry. This is one bank we can certainly get behind…  Continue reading “Talk Show Host: Free Money”

Talk Show Host: Toothpaste

After over a year of waiting since their terrific debut single ‘TV Years’, London band Toothpaste are finally back with the equally brilliant ‘Bedtime’. A laidback, dreampop classic in the vein of some of their shoegaze idols, it also comes with a bizzare video featuring monkeys, snails, and an ingenious use of Snapchat filters. We caught up with the band to talk about everything from their toothpaste brand of choice, their influences and, of course, their best hangover cure. Continue reading “Talk Show Host: Toothpaste”